September 19 > November 25, 2018

Fabrizio Grifasi, Fondazione Romaeuropa's General Artistic Director, explains the concept behind  REf18: «A World Festival that intercepts and funnels thoughts and projects, entwines themes and matters dear to our daily lives. The very essence of our mission resides in an "in-between", a place of interaction and appeasement between opposites, a welcoming performance of consideration».


27 places will host 68 projects and 168 encore performances, together with exhibitions, art installations, conferences and education programs; at least 55.000 seats available, 38 national premieres and 29 international course-works, 10 coproductions for an edition that surpasses European borders opening to the whole world and to new minds capable of reinterpreting its whole narrative.


More than 60 productions companies, 40 of which featured for the first time at REf, coming from 24 different countries for a total of 311 artists involved with their sounds, their visions of utopic landscapes or with stories that tackle great transformations and contradictions of our contemporary reality.


Rome's Mattatoio is the "hub" that fosters the contemporary, young, artistic outlet of REf18. It's the stage of Dancing Days and Aerowaves network, Dutch choreographer Keren Levi; greek Christos Papadopoulos, Norwegian Ingrid Berger Myhre, Wien-based Dominik Grünbühel & Luke Baio together with Italian Salvo Lombardo and his company Chiasma, Sara Sguotti and Luna Cenere they all represent the most recent expressions of European dance scene.


Anni Luce showcases the neverending buzz of Italian art scene with Liv Ferracchiati & The Baby Walk, Chiara Bersani, VicoQuartoMazzini and Fabiana Iaccozzili.


For Digitalive, Marco Donnarumma, Quiet Ensemble, Kamilia Kard, fuse* shed new light on modern creative outlets, together with DJs and emerging composers Caterina Barbieri, Andrea Familiari & Demetrio Castellucci, Polisonum and other artists.