August 4 > 13 2021

What does it mean for you to inhabit a space during a residency period? 


A period of residency is a period of research and sharing. It has to do with time, with the quality of time in relation to space, and to what we bring to it. In a weird sort of way it reminds me of a holiday where you show up with your suitcase full of expectations and habits and you encounter other expectations and habits, and you gradually start to get acclimatised through a process consisting of variations and repositioning. I don't have one simple answer, because this living space changes according to the processes involved, to the specific point you've reached in your research. Adaptability is an important aspect, and that's something that in my view needs to be shared by host and guest alike. Putting it in simpler terms, one might say that living in a space for a period of residency means getting into the mindset of having an encounter, and that preparing for that encounter is a crucial aspect.


How would you define the space of your work and research? What will you investigate on this occasion? 


It's a shared and schizophrenic space where a wild nature, a desire for order and formalisation, and a constant destabilisation caused by the dialogue that I forge with the people I work with, all coexist.

My research has focused for a long time now on issues associated with interspecies relations. My new work entitled Night Is My Favourite Day is an attempt to embody the Other through meditation on animals, on ecosystems and on nature in general. But the attempt is bound to fail because it's impossible to embody anything other than one's own body, interspecific communication and understanding are impossible. So in Night Is My Favourite Day, dance is an act of performative contemplation of the Other and of the very concept of Otherness.


Define “care” in three words 


looking at the other* 



Annamaria Ajmone is an Italian dancer and choreographer. The body intended as a malleable and changeable material, capable of transforming spaces into places, is at the core of her research. Her works were presented in various dance, theatre and performing arts festivals, museums, art galleries and non conventional spaces, As a dancer, she has worked with Alias Compagnie, Ariella Vidach, Daniele Ninarello, Santasangre, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Mithkal Alzghair, Moritz Ostruschnjak. She works with a number of artists on projects that vary in nature and length, including Caned Icoda, Palm Wine, Bienoise, Francesco Cavaliere, Muta Imago, Strasse, Maria Giovanna Cicciari, Industria Indipendente, Glauco Salvo, Felicity Mangan, Natalia Trijbalova, Flora Yin-Wong. She received the Danza & Danza award as “best young Italian performer” in 2015. She coordinates Nobody’s Business for Italy, an open source platform for the sharing of artistic practices. For the years 2019-2024, she is an associated artist of La Triennale Milano Teatro, Milan