Cristina Kristal Rizzo

July 14 > 19, 2020

What does it mean for you to inhabit a space during a residency period?

It is about creating a habitat, a sort of room to live in for a few days, where I am free to do, to look, to think, to waste time, to sleep, to study and to elaborate practices that constitute a work. It is the best moment of creation, it is a space for intuitions to emerge and become shapes, but also a space for sharing. I would like it to be always inhabited by everyone—it is a public space eventually, and a space for dialogue.


How would you define the space of your work and research?

It is altogether a space for certainty and doubt, where the practice of thought enters the body and, like a spice, it makes aromatic.


What will you investigate on this occasion?

An aesthetic experience that could reveal the power of touch as the world’s founding gesture, the sensitive touch related to bodies but also that of insensitive matter. This primacy of touch is to be understood within the context of a thought, as to grasp the salient feature of existence is to recognize that we are always already open to otherness, both from within and to the outside. To touch the other means to touch all the possible others, including oneself, including the insensitive within the sensitive—it means to radically rethink the nature of being and time. Not to exercise all our power means to activate a possible hold that doesn’t possess. To defuse the tyranny of a body colonized by perennial profit means to practice a movement that is contagiously and joyfully alive. Touch is therefore intended as an approach to the world, as the simple intimacy of a radically open feeling.

Define "care" in three words

Hospitality, confidentiality, dialogue



Cristina Kristal Rizzo is a dancemaker, who has been active on the Italian contemporary dance scene since the early 90s. Based in Florence, she trained in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, and attended Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown’s studios. She is one of the founders of Kinkaleri, a dance company she has been actively collaborating with, across the international contemporary choreographic scene, and received numerous awards. Since 2008 she has embarked on an autonomous choreographic production path, directing her research towards a theoretical reflection with a strong dynamic impact aimed at regenerating the act of creation itself and at opening reflections on the present time. Currently one of the main Italian choreographic realities, she took part in the most important festivals in the new international scene. The circuitry of the shows is accompanied by an intense activity of conferences, workshops and theoretical writing.

As guest choreographer she has conceived choreographies for the main Italian and foreign Lyrical institutions, including il Teatro Comunale di Firenze – Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Ater Balletto, LAC Lugano, MACRO Roma, MUSEION Bolzano, Museo Pecci Prato, Museo del 900 Firenze.