7 > January 28, 2019

La Pelanda

Roma Fringe Festival is part of the great Fringe Family, the most important festival of live perfomances on the planet. A great event that takes place in every cultural capital of the world. It was founded in 1947 in Edimburgh (UK) and today has 240 annual festivals all around the world, from Australia to United States, from Asia to Europe. Every year, 19 milion people see 170 thousand performers in 79,000 shows.


For the first time on the Roma Fringe Festival stage, will be performed 36 shows never presented to the audience of the city of Rome and, for the most part, National previews. 36 performances from Italy, UK and Israel with only one watchword: Indipendence.


It is starting from this concept that we have created “Zona Indipendente”, a network of 14 theaters, located throughout Italy, which will host the winning show of Roma Fringe Festival during their 2019/2020 season. Our goal is to extend the action of Zona Indipendente to create a circuit that helps to develop International exchanges between all the Fringe Festivals around the world, to promote indipendent theater.


Among the many new things of this 7th edition, there is also the jury that will decree the winner, composed by Manuela Kustermann, Flavia Mastrella, Antonio Rezza, Ulderico Pesce, Valentino Orfeo, Ferruccio Marotti, Giorgio de Finis and Pasquale Pesce.


This year, Roma Fringe Festival confirms its vision and the desire to offer a wide cultural proposal introducing two new events:



With the collaboration of “Il Seme Bianco – Controluna / Castelvecchi” editor, that will introduce a publishing industry showcase. A series of book launches and readings with special guests like Luca Zingaretti at the Mattatoio – La Pelanda.


As a testimony of the great attention that Roma Fringe Festival turns to the independent theater, they are scheduled for January 24th and 25th at the Macro Asilo, two study days on “Politics and creativeness of the independent theater in Italy and throughout the world” coordinated by Mr. Ferruccio Marotti.

Historians, reserchers, operators and artists will speak.

Immediately after the debate, it will be possible to have an experience of immersive theater with the experimental psychologist and theatrical trainer Mr. Riccardo Brunetti and his project "Attorta." 


Roma Fringe Festival will take place from 7th to January 27th 2019 in Il Mattatoio – La Pelanda.

The final selection will take place on January 28th in the Teatro Vascello in Rome.