6 > September 14, 2019

Short Theater 2019 is conceived and organized by AREA06 with the co-direction of Fabrizio Arcuri and Francesca Corona, is realized with the support of MiBAC and the Lazio Region and the patronage of Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth - Capitolina Superintendency for Cultural Heritage and Company Special Palaexpo. It takes place in collaboration with the Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale and Carrozzerie n.o.t., with the support of Acea SpA, Institut Français Italia, Villa Medici, Accademia di Spagna Rome, Istituto Cervantes Rome, Institut Ramon Llull.

“Visione d’Insieme” (Overall Gaze) – the name of Short Theatre 2019 – is the expression that best describes the gesture that Short Theatre wishes to bring to bear on the cultural and artistic panorama of the city, while at the same time trying to bring renewed energy to this exact approach. Looking at the big picture allows us to see through and beyond the details, particulars and the merely technical aspects, gathering up the traces of the real as they suddenly emerge and disseminate, getting close enough to trace connections between distant points in space, training ourselves to overturn our perspectives and keep our paths lively. “Visione d’Insieme” intends that while something occurs, articulating itself, it still remains open, malleable and inclusive to all, sidestepping the timidity of proximity and the vertigo of classification. “Visione d’Insieme” is the epidermic condition of being together to look, inventing new ways of doing just that, generating hybrid languages to narrate such an event, practicing the possibility of embracing such a transformation, for as much as it might be both ample and radical, through attention to detail.

Short Theatre 2019 seeks to engage an in-depth view, participatory, complex, sensitive at the moment-of-encounter between things. The languages, the systems, the questions and the formats that take them on, as well as the material conditions – all of this offering an opportunity to imagine new possibilities of getting involved within the surrounding area, reinventing new forms of happenings and proposals. The 14th Edition of Short Theatre, in fact, inaugurates a new centre of life of the festival itself – the first two days of the festival – 6 and 7 September – will take place in the spaces of WeGil. The historic building in Trastevere, reopened by the Region of Lazio to the public, with its rationalistic style conceived by the famed architect Moretti in 1933, encounters the city’s present and furnishes the festival with a reflecting point over the architectural inheritance from the two decades of Fascism and that of – and perhaps the issue has never been quite resolved – Italian colonialism.

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