February 23 > 28 2021

What does it mean for you to inhabit a space during a residency period? 

It's extremely important for us to have a performance space so we can interact for a set period of time. We can experiment and we can also focus on how to rapidly achieve a result. It's crucial for people living in different cities to have a place where they can set up a kind of "editorial office", which in our case means having the place and time to create our first magazine.


How would you define the space of your work and research? What will you investigate on this occasion? 


We really will have our work cut out, and a vast range of aspects to dwell on and to develop. We'll be focusing to a large extent on the live sound associated with our movements, on "cabaret", on voices and instruments, on what we'll have or we'll be on stage... and also on photography and publishing.

Luckily we've got a friend who's going to come and lend us a hand, doing some filming – including with a normal video camera – just to see us again and to figure out the most effective solutions.


Define “care” in three words 


sponaneity - action - self-determination


Brutal Casual Magazine (Lady Maru and Jacopo Benassi)
is an electronic post punk live band that plays and produces images in real time. 
Every live is a brutal magazine with a tape. it's a real " direct action's redaction", that claims the underground culture through a punk noise parade.