Access for people with disabilities

The Mattatoio is accessible to visitors with limited mobility and sensory disorders via entrances with no architectural barriers. Staff are available, on request during opening hours, to provide any assistance required by disabled visitors.



The admission to the exhibition is allowed only to subjects with a Green pass. It is not required for children under 12 years old.

Access to screenings in Pavillion 9A 
pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 221 of 24/12/2021 until the end of the state of epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, is allowed only to subjects in possession of COVID-19 green certification obtained from completion of the vaccination cycle or recovery (cd. "Green Pass Rafforzato") and FFP2 mask.

Safety Plan

 Download the events' handbook
 Download the exhibitions and visitors' handbook


Admission to the Pavilions and to The Pelanda will be refused to anyone:

  • with a temperature of 37.5°C or over;
  • subject to quarantine and/or precautionary isolation;
  • who has been "in contact" with persons in quarantine and/or precautionary isolation;
  • who has been "in contact" with suspected or confirmed Sars-CoV-2 patients or with persons under surveillance for coronaviurus;
  • who has proven positive to COVID-19 infection and is not in possession of regular medical certification attesting to "confirmed negative" swab status issued by his/her local medical authority;
  • devoid of a facial protection mask.

The above notwithstanding, each individual visitor is responsible for conducting him/herself in such a way as to prevent and contain the spread of contagion.


  • Please await the time-slot you have booked
  • Please make sure you show up at the entrance 15 minutes before the event
  • Your reservation will be considered null and void 5 minutes before the event
  • Spectators booking their place on the spot are legally required to provide their particulars in compliance with the measures in force to contain the spread of COVID-19
  • All spectators are required to wear masks from the entrance until they reach their seats and whenever they leave their seats, including when leaving the area
  • All members of the audience are assigned their own seat. Standing is not permitted
  • Specific areas respecting social distancing have been designated for the disabled and their carers
  • Please disinfect your hands using the hand-sanitiser provided
  • Please keep at a safe distance of at least one metre from all other spectators
  • Please avoid congregating or forming groups or a crowd
  • Only a limited number of visitors may access the toilets at any one time
  • The area is thoroughly sanitised and cleaned before each performance
  • Staff constantly keep an eye out to ensure that social distance is being maintained and that security requirements are being met at all times. They may intervene if: social distancing is not being maintained and face masks are being worn incorrectly
  • In the event of bad weather, the performance will be cancelled


Visitors may access the exhibitions:

  • with compulsory online free reservation only
  • solely via the entrance indicated by the signs in order to permit security and temperature checks;
  • by restricted number every 60 minutes.

The building may be exited exclusively from the points indicated by the signs.

Reservation must be shown to access control.

Please comply with social distancing requirements for the entire duration of your visit. In order to ensure that all visitors enjoy the exhibition correctly and to prevent visitors from crossing one another in the exhibition halls, please comply scrupulously with all written instructions in the room and with any instructions imparted by staff.

While inside the Pavilions and The Pelanda, please:

  • wear a mask for the entire duration of your visit;
  • refrain from congregating or forming groups or crowds;
  • keep at a safe social distance from all other visitors (families or members of the same household are exempted from this rule).



Panels instructing visitors on the conduct to be observed while visiting the exhibition are situated at the entrance and in the main areas. Indications on the ground show the distance you should put between yourself and those behind and in front of you in the admission queue.



Staff on duty are there throughout your visit to provide assistance, constantly verify compliance with social distancing and ensure correct use of the appliances designed to protect airways.

Hand-sanitiser dispensers are situated in the corridors and toilet areas inside the Pavilions and The Pelanda.


To ensure that the Pavilions and The Pelanda are clean and safe for visitors and staff:

  • air is pumped in and out of areas fitted with specific controlled mechanical ventilation systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Visiting rules 

  • Please make sure you have your ticket to the exhibition available for inspection at all times.

  • Visitors should be aware that in order to ensure the correct conservation of exhibits, a special microclimate is required in the rooms in which they are on display: Temperature 20°- 21° C. Relative Humidity: 50%.

  • A closed-circuit TV system operates is in operation for security purposes inside the building.

  • Visitors may access the exhibition halls up to half an hour before the Mattatoio closes. It is not possible either to enter the building or to use the box office facilities after that time;

  • Visitors must hand in all large bags and backpacks, helmets, umbrellas, and pointed or blunt instruments of any kind at the cloakroom before commencing their visit. The decision as to whether an object is too large or too dangerous, and thus likely to jeopardize the security of the exhibits and/or of other visitors, rests exclusively with the Mattatoio staff;

  • Visitors may use their mobile phones to consult applications during their visit to the exhibition, but if they do so, they must make sure that all sound is turned off so as to avoid disturbing other visitors. No electronic devices may be used for making phone calls, taking photographs or recording video footage;

  • Visitors may not bring pets or animals of any kind into the exhibitions;

  • Visitors may move freely about the building, its exhibition halls and its commercial facilities, taking care not to disturb or endanger exhibits and/or other visitors, and to avoid obstructing passageways or others' freedom of movement;

  • Visitors may freely enjoy the exhibition halls but they should take care to stay at least one metre away from the exhibits and to avoid touching display cases and any other parts of the exhibition décor;

  • When taking notes and/or drawing in the exhibition halls, visitors should avoid the use of fountain pens and felt-tip pens;

  • No food or drink may be consumed inside the exhibition halls or associated areas. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the buildings;

  • Visitors requiring to photograph or to film the exhibits, or to engage in any form of journalism, must apply to the Mattatoio management beforehand for authorisation.