February 23 > May 16, 2021
Padiglione 9a  
curated by Francesco Zizola



Fotografia. Nuove produzioni 2020 per la collezione Roma is an exhibition devised to lend tangible form to the wish of Rome the Capital City's Cultural Development Department to follow up on a project devised as part of the Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma as long ago as in 2003, when it first established a residency scheme for a photographer of international repute in the city. The scheme made it possible over the years to collect the work of fifteen leading contemporary photographers for the Museo di Roma's Photographic Library, illustrating their personal take on the city.

In 2019 Francesco Zizola was asked to help revive the scheme, which was temporarily in abeyance at the time, in order to enrich the museum's permanent collection. Zizola invited five established artists from the international artistic and photographic world to take up residence in the city, and today the Mattatoio is proud to display some 130 pictures by Nadav Kander, Martin Kollar, Alex Majoli, Sarah Moon (who also produced a video for the project) and Tommaso Protti. All these artists worked in Rome as part of the residency scheme in 2019, except for Kollar who chose to travel on foot and to play out his take on the project by walking from the banks of the Danube all the way to Rome.

Alex Majoli's shots reveal a very new approach to the way a photographer can document reality, while Sarah Moon's pictures explore the role of memories and of the memory in relation to what the city of Rome has to offer. Nadav Kander, a recognised master on the international photographic scene, uses his camera to probe the face of ancient and historical Rome as it hands its inner essence down from one generation to the next, while Tommaso Protti analyses the rough, tough conditions of life in the suburbs today. Kollar's work is something else altogether, when we consider that it took him 42 days to walk from Bratislava to the Eternal City along the roads that were once the beating arteries of the Roman Empire.

Thanks to their varied conceptual and visual approaches, these new materials offer us a multi-faceted and penetrating insight into the city's many faces while at the same time constituting an important legacy for the Photographic Library's collection.


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