June 7 - September 16, 2018

Padiglione 9A

Exhibition curated by Anna Imponente

Light design by David Barittoni

The exhibition project originates from the reflection, shared by the three Roman artists, on the element of light and on the relationship that this element has with material.

Light, more or less obviously, plays a vital role in the work of these artists. While in Lucilla Catania's work, the light reacts on the exterior of the smooth or rippled surfaces of marble, creating an articulation of reflections; instead, in the work of Claudio Palmieri and Sandro Sanna it is, an intrinsic property of the material: resins, pigments, fabrics, metals, and micro films. In their works, the material element dominates the form, taking shape as an introspective and intra-material itinerary, with continuous references to the cosmic rhythms of the natural universe.
The LIGHT-MATERIAL-NATURE trinomial is therefore key to the interpretation and the foundation of the exhibition project.