16 - November 28, 2018

Padiglione 9B
Admission free
Mattatoio hosts the exhibition Pulsazioni, a project of the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. The exhibition is curated by Generazione H, a group of students of the MA Comunicazione e Didattica dell’Arte indirizzo curatoriale, who have selected a series of photographs, videos and multimedia installations by 15 students.
Pulsazioni brought together the Departments of Nuove Tecnologie per l’Arte, Didattica dell’Arte and Progettazione artistica per l’impresa in a project that retraces the patterns of new media in the works a new generation of artists.
The growing ubiquity of technology in everyday life shapes the collective imaginary of the digital era. Pulsazioni explores the expressive strategies through which young artists relate to the digital world that surrounds them. Reflecting upon multimediality in contemporary art, the exhibition aims at rethinking the potentialities of new media intended as pulsations that generate idiosyncratic rhythms and visions.
For the opening, the theme of multimediality will be expanded through a Performance art section, curated by Francesca Lilli.