11 > January 22, 2020

realized whitin the European project CERN-INFN Art&Science Across Italy
Padiglione 9B
Admission free

Opening Saturday January 11, 6:30pm

Science meets the creativity of 200 young Roman artists

Art & Science Across Italy ends up its fourth local stage in Rome (which follows the Milan, Genoa and Venice stages) with an exhibition that, along with artworks by professional artists, shows 68 new artworks, inspired by scientific themes, by about 200 students of 16 high schools in Rome and its province.

Overall, the project involves, in its second edition, eleven Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Rome, Genoa, Potenza, Pisa, Florence, Naples, Matera, Venice, Padua) for a total of 93 schools and 4.000 students, which engaged in activities of training and production of artworks, in the context of school-work alternation projects. The Roman stage involved a total of 1.000 students, and the artworks were carried out with the supervision of researchers from the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and La Sapienza University of Rome, for science, and of artists of the Academy of the Fine Arts of Rome, for art. The exhibition also shows the art@CMS collection, which contains about forty artworks, resulting from the collaboration between professional artists and scientists and already exhibited in international events and exhibitions (including Singapore, Miami, Beijing, Chicago, Geneva). In addition, in the exhibition a specific area is dedicated to images, texts and installations, created by CERN and INFN, about the mysteries of the universe and the challenges of particle physics.

Art & Science Across Italy is a European project for the dissemination of scientific culture in Italian high schools, organized by INFN and CERN within the Horizon 2020 CREATIONS network. The project aims to promote scientific culture among young people, combining the languages ​​of art and science, such as creativity and desire for knowledge.

Art & Science Across Italy is structured in progressive stages with seminars in schools and universities, visits to museums, scientific laboratories and workshops held by experts from the scientific and art communities and tutoring activities during the realization of the artworks. For each of the cities involved, the project is divided into four phases - educational, imaginative, creative, competitive - followed by an exhibition and a final national selection that will culminate in the final exhibition “The colors of science. In the art of scientific research”, at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, in the spring of 2020. The winning students of the national competition that concludes the project, selected by an international committee of experts, are invited to participate to a school on the relationship between art and science, in September 2020, at CERN in Geneva and in other national laboratories. All the winners will receive a scholarship, awarded by the institutions and the sponsors supporting the project, to cover the cost of the school and other related expenses.