6 maggio 2022, doppia replica ore 20.00 e 21.30

re-creatures May 2022
La Pelanda
re-creatures May 2022
La Pelanda

Performance, 25’

Galleria delle Vasche, Pelanda

Admission free while places last


Solitude is a constituent part of the shepherd’s job. It allows him to experience total interior immersion, a minor distancing from the visible world. The sounds he can hear are absorbed in a new silence, his thoughts form in the absolute. The animals he guards are his only chance for self-abstraction, care or affection. When shepherds sing, in order to find their note, they imitate the wind or the lowing of sheep and cattle. And through sung poetry they transmit a story from the past, handing down culture orally from one generation to the next.

But the journey back through time does not turn its back on present reality, it only detaches itself from the visible world. The story that poet shepherds sing can be seen as an attempt to decipher the invisible through a descent into the self, a geography of the supernatural.


Dewey Dell is a dance and performing arts collective founded in Cesena in 2006, currently directed by Teodora and Agata Castellucci, and comprising Demetrio Castellucci, Guoda Jaruševičiūte and Vito Matera.
Its choreography is constantly inspired by images from art history and the conduct of the animal kingdom; in recent years it has drawn close to anthropological themes.
Dewey Dell has produced various dance works which intersperse different art forms, conducting other lines of experimentation in the context of musical performance and video.
It has cooperated with, among others, cartoonist Yuichi Yokoyama, theatre director Kuro Tanino, musician Massimo Pupillo, vocalist Attila Chsihar, sculptor Matteo Lucca, graphic designer Clio Casadei and the collective Transforma.
Dewey Dell is currently forging a closer bond between its choreography and classical music and opera.


by Dewey Dell

with Teodora Castellucci
music by Demetrio Castellucci
choreographer’s assistant: Agata Castellucci
playwright: Vito Matera
costumes by Guoda Jaruseviciute
produced by Societas
with the support of: progetto MUSE/ compagnia B
in conjunction with: Festival Danza Urbana and Festival Città delle Cento Scale


part of

5 - 28 May 2022
Pelanda is opening its doors to the public with a new movement of artistic appearances by re-creatures. Installations and performance events staged from March to the summer at an ever-growing rhythm will breathe life into the space in synergy with the other educational, research and production activities that are played out in Mattatoio.
Padiglione 9B, Performer: Prinz Gholam
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13