2 - 22 dicembre 2023 at La Pelanda, Mattatoio

Nuova Consonanza celebrates its 60th Festival from November 10 to December 22.
A Festival about a story 60 years long, which also tells about the tout-court cultured western music, Nuova Consonanza has indeed over time impersonated, welcomed and gave voice in Italy to the "voices" of the contemporary movement.
As well as the traditional frontal performance, trends, composers, different forms of entertainment, the thousand faces of musical theatre, the videos, the multimediality, the improvised performances and so much more that has been brought from the international scene have been at the center of its schedule.
A long journey, a road with thousands branches and contradictions, as it couldn’t have been different being an association that counts dozens of members.
Therefore, remember. Remember the important history of an association of musicians with different sensibilities who proposed their artworks and welcomed the others’, with the aim of carrying out a cultural and general function, by promoting and spreading music, while keeping in touch with with other artistic disciplines; but also design, producing in step with the times, with new forms of performance, with the consciousness of history, of being here now establishing bridges with the future. Because, we believe, Nuova Consonanza's history aims to the future, to the consistent renewal.
Hence the title, Memory and utopia 60 years of Nuova Consonanza.
Not a festival-museum, nor a delayed self-praise but, thanks to the founders’ lessons, a recognition about new, a perspective meditation, from the past to these days, aware of our roots. 30 performances, more than 130 compositions performed, 27 absolute first executions and 10 italian first executions.