20 - July 23, 2021

La Pelanda
La Pelanda

July 20 > 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
July 21 > 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
July 22 > 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
July 23 > 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

The workshop is based on the Melting Pot dance practice, an immersive and hybrid method combining various different dance styles and approaches to performance art: frontal contemplation of the dance production with a cypher, a happening with participatory dance and educational research.

In the course of the workshop we shall be exploring various elements including the relationship between the floor and the body, the torso/backbone's potential for movement and the sensations, emotions and narratives that that movement can impart.

The workshop will be an opportunity for exploring rhythm as a bridge for multiple connections between people and music, for enriching participants' personal vocabulary and for stimulating patterns of movement different from those with which we are already familiar. 


Who it's for: The workshop is open to everyone over the age of 18 with experience in working with the body and/or with movement.



Marco Torrice is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer based in Brussels.

His fascination with self-taught dance artists and with the languages of movement that carry within them stories and content different from those typical of the dominant Western culture, such as Voguing, Krump and Hip-Hop Freestyle, have led him to develop an approach to choreography that combines different performance modalities.

Born and raised in Rome, he read philosophy at Rome's La Sapienza University. In 2006 he moved to Brussels to study at the P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) where he graduated in 2010. He has worked for various choreographers including Thomas Hauert and Jérôme Bel, for Hungarian dance company Hodworks and for Belgian dance companies Mossoux-Bontè and Rosas. He is also the author of several dance recitals such as Me, Myself and I, Kitty 2012, The way my father imagined it all, Centipedes and Decameron

In addition to his work as a dancer and choreographer, he teaches and runs workshops in various dance schools such as the P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), the Academy of Contemporary Dance in Budapest, the SEAD (Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg), Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Isadora Duncan Center (Prague), Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool (Antwerp), ISAC | Institut Supérieur des Arts et Chorégraphies and the Da.Re. Dance Research (Rome).





To take part in the workshops, please email a page in .Pdf format with a short CV and ten lines explaining your motivation, to specifying the workshop in which you wish to take part and including a contact phone number.


In view of the workshops' restricted capacity, the first 40 applications will be taken into consideration and the participants in the individual workshops, up to a maximum of 20 participants per workshop, will be selected from that list.

Applications for attending more than one workshop will be taken into consideration only in the event places are available. Precedence will be given to those who have not already taken part or received confirmation of their admission to other workshops in the programme.

The group of participants will be decided on by the artist teaching, in conjunction with the Mattatoio staff. Their selection is final, barring any cancellations.

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16 June - 23 July 2021

A programme of free workshops designed for adults. Lead by Painé Cuadrelli, Elena Giannotti and Marco Torrice.

Padiglione 9B, Performer: Prinz Gholam
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13