3 - November 11, 2018

Padiglione 9B
Admission free

From November 3rd to November 11th , the spaces of industrial archeology of Pavilion 9B of Mattatoio di Roma will be populated by the expressive forms of every body talks, curated by the students of the 8th edition of the Master’s Degree Program in Management of Artistic and Cultural Resources (MaRAC), promoted by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Internazionale and the International University of Languages and Media IULM.


every body talks investigates the role of the human body as the first and most direct tool of communication: through their bodies, and particularly through the construction of its exterior appearance, individuals reveal themselves in a process of self-representation, unconsciously unveiling significant traits of their personality or explicitly highlighting their own individual choices or adherence to certain cultural models.


While the selected Italian artists focus on the decomposition and recomposition of individual identity, fragmenting (Micaela Lattanzio), hiding (Cristina Coral) or hybridizing (Francesco Biccheri), the interest of the international artists here on display seems to focus on anthropological, cultural and political phenomena.


From the denunciation of contemporary obsessions with refining one's exterior image, investigated by Martial Cherrier, Jonathan Yeo and Erin Zerbe, to the anthropological analysis of habits, behaviours and signs of cultural belonging in the repertoires built by Lakin Ogunbanwo and Tadao Cern. From the role played by the body in the dialectical relationship between individual freedom and religious, socio-cultural and economic restraints, represented by Shadi Ghadirian’s censored women and by Pierre David’s diversity sacrificed to globalisation, to the direct use of the body - one's own or others' - as a tool of civil and political commitment or protest, like in Liu Bolin’s series, dedicated to refugees, and in the collective performances created by Spencer Tunick.