December 15, 2018 - January 13, 2019

The eleventh edition of the Talent Prize, the prize promoted by Inside Art and conceived by Guido Talarico, will open at the La Mattatoio - La Pelanda on December 14th.

The works of the Talent Prize winner, of the nine finalists and of the special awards (selected by the main supporters of the competition) will be exhibited in Theater 2 and Foyer 2 of the museum in Rome. Main sponsor of the prize is Fondazione Cultura e Arte, an emanation of Fondazione Terso Pilastro - Internazionale, which has always supported the Talent Prize and this year it participates with a new special award, named after its president, Prof. Avv. Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele, illuminated contemporary patron.
The exhibition, curated by Fabrizia Carabelli and Elena Pagnotta, is presented as a heterogeneous path that shows the researches and techniques experimented in recent years by artists under 40. A vast and exhaustive panorama that presents installations, sculptures, paintings, videos and sound works that interact harmoniously in the two large rooms of the Capitoline museum.
Corinna Gosmaro, the winner, participates to the exhibition with her work Skies #3, an installation composed of polyester filters painted with spray paint through which the artist reflects on the concept of landscape. Next to her are exhibited the special awards, Siavash Talaei, winner of the award named after Emmanuele Emanuele, with the artwork Portrait (Portrait), Polisonum, the collective awarded by UTOPIA, Company, leader in Italy in the integrated activity of Institutional Relations, Communication, Legal Affairs & Lobbying, with Doppelkonzert, a sound sculpture. Among the special awards, then, there are two awards conferred by Inside Art: Nicole Voltan, with Monte Pelmo and Namsal Siedlecki, which received the Fondamenta award, entitled to the exhibition space of Inside Art, for the Cactacee installation.
The works of the nine finalists are also set up in the halls: Alfredo Aceto (Rozelor), Giovanni Maria de Cataldo (Via degli Ausoni), Namsal Siedlecki con (Cactacee), Antonio Della Guardia (Alfabeto del potere), Alice Ronchi (Indoor Flora), Leonardo Petrucci (SOL 627), Elke Dreier (Explanation and some clouds), Calixto Ramírez (Subibaja - Mausoleo Enver Hoxha), Matteo Fato con (will o the wisp).
The Talent Prize, like every year, is a moment of recognition on the current artistic production, with its points of coincidence and its contradictions, as well as an opportunity to get to know the main actors of the contemporary art world.