20 - 27 June 2023

La Pelanda
La Pelanda

SPAZIO GRIOT 2023's artistic programming, Refractions, contends with the physical  phenomenon of refraction — related and applied to the concepts of representation  and misrepresentation — in its various facets and extensions. It will present the first solo show of director and artist Liryc Dela Cruz and a multidisciplinary public  program. 

In physics, refraction is the "bending" of light (or any electromagnetic wave) when  entering a different medium. As light passes through substances ("media") of  different densities, such as air, water or glass, a trajectory deviation occurs and the  light is bent from its initial direction causing a distortion in our perception.  Analogously, the misrepresentation that occurs in society results from the  metaphorical refraction of our bodies and subjectivities through and within the

multiple subtle layers of global and socio-political dynamics: it alters the way we see  ourselves and construct our identity — as well as the way other bodies and subjectivities see and perceive us — it impacts on our interactions, it changes our  life trajectories, it 

influences our sphere of agency.

Refraction(s) aims at questioning, investigating and exposing these refractive errors  concealed in contemporary society that deceive the eye and the mind, by  harnessing light itself to break the illusion and create new waves of representation  and understanding.


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Admission free while places last