July 28, 2021

Central stage

Free admission with reservation. The reservation is valid up to 10 minutes before the start of the show, afterwards it will be possible to access while seats last.


In an endless game of cross-references and echoes between acoustic and electronic timbres, sound becomes a place of contemplation and challenges the complex reality in which we are immersed.
That is the "mission" of the Raia|Fiorito duet who will be performing on a set made up of sounds coming from invisible cities and intimate landscapes, a sonic journey also to be experienced with and through the body, a deep breath to be taken in order to allow ourselves a break from the frenzied world around us.
After years of unflagging cooperation, Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito are adding a new and important milestone to their career with the publication in autumn of their new record, Thin Reactions, from which they will be playing a few excerpts.

Antonio Raia, a composer, improviser and saxophonist, loves the relationship between music and other arts and prefers not to be labelled in any specific genre.

Renato Fiorito is a composer, sound artist and sound engineer. His aesthetic is the product of a subtle balance between resounding sounds and irregular rhythms; he uses recordings of natural sounds as his chief raw material for creating immersive sound environments.
The two have worked with Chris Corsano, Bob Ostertag, Alvin Curran and the media wreckers of infamous fame cyop&kaf, to name but a few.
They have been working together for several years now in a long series of concerts, performances, editing publications, soundtracks for the cinema and sound actions that have taken them all over Europe.


At re-creatures, an immersive environment which takes us to an elsewhere that challenges reality.

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24 June - 22 August 2021
artistic apparitions & more

Padiglione 9B, Performer: Prinz Gholam
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13