6 > January 17, 2020

Roma Fringe Festival is back for its second annual winter edition, January 6-17, 2020. Twenty-four shows from Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Mexico will be live and onstage at La Pelanda in Testaccio.


Now in its eighth season, Roma Fringe Festival is one of 240 festivals celebrating independent theater worldwide. The first Fringe Festival, launched in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1947, soon became a globally-recognized network synonymous with independence of theatrical expression. The Roma edition happily continues this tradition.

None of the twenty-four original shows has ever been performed in front of a live audience in Rome. Plays ranging from comedy, noir, drama and politics,focus on the issue of social inclusion in a country that is just now coming to terms with its own complexity.


Roma Fringe Festival takes its rightful place in the pantheon of contemporary theater, demonstrating its vitality and importance. Issues such as occupational fatalities, violence against women, war, homophobia, and immigration are explored in depth, using the multi-functional language of theater. Here, a light touch doesn’t imply superficiality; indeed, comedy brings home in the best possible way a message of inclusivity.


In addition to theatrical productions, Roma Fringe Festival is organizing a two-day workshop called “Fringe Talk” with Mr. Ferruccio Marotti on the evolution of independent theater in Italy and throughout the world. “Fringe Talk” will be held on January 21 and 22 at the Roma Tre University, Department of Architecture, inside the Mattatoio al Testaccio complex.

On January 24th in the Teatro Vascello in Rome, a panel of distinguished jurists will decide the winner of the Roma Fringe Festival. Manuela Kustermann, acting president of the jury, is accompanied by Ulderico Pesce, Valentino Orfeo, FerrucioMarotti, Pasquale Pesce, Pierpaolo Sepe, Italo Moscati, and Raffaella Azim.


This year’s winner will be given the opportunity to participate in one of the European Fringe Festivals and to go on a national tour of twelve dates in twelve theaters within the “Zona Indipendente” network. Roma Fringe Festival is the only festival awarding its winners with a national tour.


An exciting addition this year is the Alessandro Fersen Award for research and innovation, chosen from three finalists.


Roma Fringe Festival begins on January 6thand ends on January 17th in the Mattatoio al Testaccio, La Pelanda. Winners are chosen on January 24th in the Teatro Vascello in Rome.