19 - March 28, 2021

Prender-si cura | 2021
La Pelanda
Prender-si cura | 2021
La Pelanda


What does it mean for you to inhabit a space during a residency period? 

Living in a residency space is like going to Giacomo's house at 3.30 on a Friday afternoon in 1997, not doing your homework, playing NBA Live 97 with the Minnesota Timberwolves and inventing nonexistent phone cards.


How would you define the space of your work and research? What will you investigate on this occasion? 


My research space is a small bookshelf in a 1950s bookshop designed by an anonymous Frenchman. Inside (the anonymous Frenchman, not the bookshelf) there are a few books. The first three, from toe to head, are: a pointless guide to Pataphysics, a catalogue containing the 111 most significant items of clothing in modern history and an insightful text on the sea of metaphors in which we're immersed.

My work space is a parallel reality inhabited by ballerinas driving Harley Davidsons, elves singing Michael Jackson songs and rocks that are forever changing style.

In the course of this residency I hope to complete a choreography in which two videos are dancing a pas de deux


Define “care” in three words 

Care is a gesture, three verbs come to me: listen, love, nourish



(the following text should be read while listening  Instant Disassembly by Parquet Courts)

Roberto Fassone (1986) lives and works between Florence and Pol Sesanne. His research is about creative structures, the relationship between games and performance and about the difference between story and anecdote. As of today, February 1st 2021, his favorite artist is Paola Pivi.
In the last years Fassone exhibited and performed his work in national and international venues. Among others: Quadriennale di Roma; Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo; MAMbo, Bologna; Fanta-MLN, Milano; OGR, Torino; MOCAK, Krakow; Centrale Fies, Dro; Carroll / Fletcher, Londra; AOYS (online), Zkm, Karlsruhe; Mart, Rovereto; Castello di Rivoli, Torino; Civitella Ranieri Foundation; Strozzina, Florence.
In 2019 he co-curated with Kasia Fudakowski the performative film festival Lo scherzo dell'arte in Florence and created in Modena the permanent installation Il Museo del tempo perso; he is also co-founder of the research space Estuario in Prato. Since 2012 he developed a series of workshop about creativity in collaboration with museums (Zkm, Karlsruhe; MA*GA, Gallarate), art spaces (Hangar Bicocca, Milano; OGR, Torino) and schools (MADE Program Accademia di Belle Arti Siracusa; ISD, Dusseldorf). 
He has been recently awarded with the Artists’ Film Italia Recovery Fund, promoted by Lo Schermo dell’arte Film Festival.


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27 December 2020 - 13 August 2021
Padiglione 9B, Performer: Prinz Gholam
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13
13 luglio, ore 12-13