27 December 2020 - 13 August 2021

Prender-si cura | 2021
La Pelanda
Prender-si cura | 2021
La Pelanda

curated by Ilaria Mancia

Prender-si cura is the name of the residency programme for research and artistic production, devised and developed by Ilaria Mancia and held at La Pelanda. A group of artists invited to carry out their research, ranging from dance to theatre performance, from visual arts and music to video and photography.

Prender-si cura questions the concept of artistic residency, attempting to expand its range of modalities and possibilities.

Prender-si cura is told through a diary, a testimony, a look at the work and research process, based on a series of dialogues with the artists.

Prender-si cura 2021 includes (among others): Annamaria Ajmone, Gianmaria Borzillo, Brutal Casual Mag-Lady Maru and Jacopo Benassi, Marina Donatone, Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo, Giulia Crispiani, Roberto Fassone, Riccardo Fazi and Matteo Nucci, Valentina Furian, Sara Leghissa, Alessandro Sciarroni, Zapruder filmmakersgroup, Simone Pappalardo, Alexia Sarantopoulou

The spaces of La Pelanda will once again be inhabited by the artistic residencies of Prender-si cura. A place dedicated to investigation and encounter; an invitation extended to artists and collectives of the contemporary scene who will develop their research; a time dedicated to conception, free from the presentation of a final result.

In continuity with the experiences of 2020, we aim to continue investigating the artistic residency as an object to be expanded and disassembled, open to the unexpected and oriented towards listening, able to set in motion new productive strategies, suited to a period marked by constant change.

Another element for the development of the project will be the reflection on the relationships at stake – artists and curators, artists with artists, artists and public – by reviewing and debating them; and, at the same time, by imagining new project-building strategies in synchrony and alliance with the artists and other subjects and institutions.

The complex, manifold concept of care, therefore remains crucial. If last year it was declined in the Socratic meaning of epimèleia heautoù (taking care of the self), in this edition, which takes place in a different but still emergency moment, we would like to turn our gaze to the relationships put in place in a context of hospitality and production.

In this perspective, the invitations made contribute to create a constellation of artists using different languages – performance, video, music, theatre, visual arts – to account for an extended concept of “performance” and determine encounters enlivened by a reciprocal desire to continue researching and contending with the stage, and in some cases to deepen artistic relationships started during the first edition.

In addition, the diary of Prender-si cura will continue, a narration dedicated to the development of the artistic research during the residency period, an in-depth study of the construction phase of the show which is not always accessible to external eyes. A diary that takes up the motions from last year’s work and will branch out in different directions, aiming to an archive of a present that continually escapes through the layering of materials: conversations, letters, texts and images exchanged with artists and external guests in dialogue.