May 25 - July 15, 2018

La Pelanda

La Pelanda

"He was the founder of a great school that did not have any favorite pupils because it was inimitable, a unique talent" - Roberto Benigni.


In the year of the 30th anniversary of his tragic death - on June 16, 1988 at only 32 - ARF! Festival and Napoli Comicon presents «Andrea Pazienza, trent’anni senza» (30 years without), an great exhibition of original artworks that celebrates the most eclectic and brilliant Italian comics author of all time and finally brings together his artistic heritage in a single place, thanks to the precious collaboration of all his family members.

After Hugo Pratt in 2016 and Milo Manara in 2017, the MATTATOIO in Rome will hosts this great anthological exhibition from 25 May to 15 July 2018.


The exhibit will be an Italian exclusive, which aims to focus on Pazienza as a comic’s author, through a rich selection of his work: from Aficionados and Penthotal of the early ‘80s to his most famous character, Zanardi (with Giallo scolastico, Verde matematico, Pacco, La prima delle tre, Notte di Carnevale, Cuore di mamma, Cenerentola 1987, Lupi and some of the extraordinary pages of La vecchiezza è una Roma and Zanardi medievale), from Tormenta and the Disney caricatures of Perché Pippo sembra uno sballato e La leggenda di Italianino Liberatore to the funny Pertini and the wonderful color pages of Campofame. Also Francesco Stella, Sturiellets, Una estate, the poetry of the uncompleted Storia di Astarte or Il perché delle anatre, up to what is probably the most important 20th century Italian graphic novel: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo, which definitively secured his place in the pantheon of drawn literature.

In addition to the comic storytelling, there will be short excursions in “Paz” as a satiric cartoonist and illustrator, with some of his most iconic works, as well as some rarities (layout, writings, sketches) found among the folders of his immense archive.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on May 25 at the opening of the fourth edition of ARF!, the Comics Festival in Rome, to be held from May 25th to 27th at MATTATOIO (previously known as MACRO Testaccio). The exhibition catalogue will be published by Coconino Press – Fandango Libri.


«Andrea Pazienza, trent’anni senza» is produced by ARF! Festival e Napoli Comicon, promoter by Roma Capitale - Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, con il supporto di CLES S.r.l. in partnership with ATAC, Arredopallet, PressUp and DIY - Do It Yourself.