June 6 - September 4, 2019

La Pelanda, Pavilion 9b

La Pelanda, Pavilion 9b

The exhibition Chiara Dynys. Enlightening Books, curated by Giorgio Verzotti, is not intended as a retrospective on Chiara Dynys’ career but presents different experiences about the transformation and the tension towards a higher knowledge. The exhibition is organized around two pavilions, 9B and Galleria delle Vasche. The artist reminds the knowledge is not an easy ride.

Inside Galleria delle Vasche, we find 10 cycles of works organized around two clusters: duality and the difficult relation between Northern and Southern areas of the world, taking into account social, economic and religious differencies still living around the world.

Dynys designed a site specific installation for Rome: eleven big hand-painted tapestries representing sinuous waves composed of books. At the end of this mysterious way, a huge “well of light”, an architectural solution able to double the space according to Borromini’s example. The public approaches the room trough a trapezoidal cut and gets an inspiring and immersive atmosphere composed of 400 books made of glass, of 45 different shapes, illuminated by random lights. These are the“enlightening books” able to elevate us to an higher state of conscience.