13 - July 17, 2021

Prinz Gholam | While Being Other
Pavilion 9b
Prinz Gholam | While Being Other
Pavilion 9b
July 13 12pm - 1pm, by invitation only
July 13 ore 19-20, reservation required

July 17 luglio 0re 19-20, reservation required

Padiglione 9B

Performer: Prinz Gholam
Prinz Gholam's intuitive and subjective way of working on masks allows multiple historical aspects linked to this symbol to be associated, though they build it into a topicality that subverts any original significance it may have had, creating an ambiguity that is highlighted in the project by the continuous succession of echoes and by the circularity in the reading of the works. The exhibition space is crossed by a series of large drawings, produced during their residence at Villa Massimo, which derive from their incessant and daily creation process of visual material and performative elements. These drawings are overlaid and accompanied by masks that observe us, motionless and static, irrespective of their functionality. An attention to the gaze that is amplified by an environmental installation built of countless small-format stones collected on various continents since 2017. Through minuscule alterations, the stones become individual faces, bizarre characters or masks, thus activating our ability to project man's presence onto natural and geological elements. A plethora of faces gazing at us become, in its turn, as choreographic material activated through a series of performances in which the artists accomplish gestures that are baffled by the absence of specific up-front references from those accomplishing them, protagonists of their work yet concealed in their own anonymity. Gestures originally devised, studied and prepared yet which gradually become behavioural habits, standard and conventional practice whose specificity urges the audience to relate to what they are seeing and to their own behaviour.

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July 13 - September 12, 2021
Prinz Gholam is an artist duo consisting of Wolfgang Prinz and Michel Gholam, they have been developing a performance practice based on using the body to reinterpret a highly varied assortment of cultural references ranging from old master paintings and sculptures to contemporary art, films and images from the media.