Silvia Fanti, curator
Lisa Holzer, artist

Photo NeatOldStuff CC BY-NC 2.0

Silvia Fanti converses with Lisa Holzer

Hallo Lisa,
could I use your contribution NO, 30.03.2020 published at this link as answer to a suggested question to address about the word: NULLA (NOTHING)?
I think this iteration will be very useful to stay in the subject.
Silvia Fanti, curator
No. I immediately was inclined to say no. And in a way I guess I do. But I love invitations. I guess everyone does. And because I don’t know wheter or when I’ll get an invitation again, I cannot say no to this one, at least not entirely. The Secession invited me to send in a video for their online presence. Like every orher institution at the moment, the Secession is closed due to Coronavirus. An invitation to contribute a video – I don’t do video. (Imagine me in a Jacuzzi with a cigar, fancy sun glasses, and a sheriff baseball hat. Same accent, or almost.) I’ll only do this because there might not be any invitation for a really long time. (…)
Lisa Holzer, artist 
NO, 30.03.2020 (extract)
courtesy the artista
thanks to Olivia Thurn-Valsassina GALERIE EMANUEL LAYR
/ Secession Association of Visual Artists Vienna



Silvia Fanti is an Italian curator and program director in the performing arts. Since 1992 she has founded and co-directed a number of independent cultural organizations in Bologna devoted to trans-disciplinary research (inluding the art centre Link Project, the cultural network Xing, the cultural space Raum). She has been artistic director of F.I.S.Co. Festival Internazionale sullo Spettacolo Contemporaneo, and co-director of Netmage International Live Media Festival, in Bologna (2000>2011). In 2012 she started a new project: Live Arts Week, an international event dedicated to live arts, which hosts a blend of new productions that revolve around the presence, performance and perceptual experience of sounds and visions. Since 2003 she has curated a continuing program at Raum, Xing's space in Bologna. In 2019 she started the yearly live arts program Oplà. Performing Activities for Arte Fiera Bologna.
Lisa Holzer (b. 1971, Vienna) lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include: What carries you?, Secession, Vienna (2019); Eat me!, Kunstverein Munich, Munich (2019); You make me very hungry, Galerie im Turm, Berlin (2018); I come in you, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna (2018); I come in you - The Party Sequel (Berlin), Galerie Gillmeier Rech, Berlin (2017); Be a funny mom, Hester, New York (2016); Men what a humble word, Lira Gallery, Rome (2016); The Composing Rooms, Berlin (2015); Keep All Your Friends, Rowing, London (2015).
Recent group exhibitions include: Streik!, Grob Gallery, Geneva (2019); Limp, curated by_Vienna, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna (2019); 10 Years of Provence, The Downer, Berlin (2019); Homework, Castiglioni, Milan (2019); One Colour, Philpp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt (2018); Someplace Special, Galerie Gillmeier Rech, Berlin (2018); in awe, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (2017); Ich weiss nicht, MAK, Vienna (2017); L'Image, Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich (2017); Lonesome Wife, Seventeen Gallery, London (2016); Fieber, curated by_Vienna, Emanuel Layr (2016), Vienna; Flirting with Strangers, 21er Haus, Vienna (2015); M'm! M'm! Good!, Rowing, London (2015); Triennial, Surround Audience, New Museum, New York (2015).