Muta Imago, theater company
Roberto Fassone, artist

Photo by Carlos Alberto Gómez Iñiguez on Unsplash

Claudia Sorace and Riccardo Fazi / Muta Imago in dialogue with Roberto Fassone

Dear Roberto,
in the finale of the Decameron, Pasolini, who plays the role of a Giotto’s pupil, while facing the fresco he just made, asks himself: “Why make a work when it is so beautiful to simply dream of it?”
Where does the need to translate an image, a thought, an idea, a dream into a real fact, an event that inhabits the world as we live it come from?
Why do children always play “let's pretend that…”?
Muta Imago, theater company
Dear Riccardo, dear Claudia,
I can’t believe it—this morning, before receiving your question, I was reading a catalog dedicated to Spanish conceptual artist Ribes De La Fuente. The introduction to the catalog seems to answer exactly your questions. Here, attached:
“On March 21st, I imagined installing a traffic light, that is always on and green, in the middle of the desert [...] When my gallery owner started to wonder about the technical and economic issues of the project, I replied that perhaps it was not even necessary to build it but let it become a nice story to tell around the fire [...] So I went back to pretending to be a mushroom with my son.”
Roberto Fassone, artist


Muta Imago is a theater company born in Rome in 2006. It is led by director Claudia Sorace, and playwright and sound designer Riccardo Fazi. The company is made up of all the people who have been, are and will be involved in carrying out the works. Muta Imago is constantly looking for forms and stories that link the sphere of imagination with that of the present, human, political and social reality, investigating the relationship between human beings and their time. The Muta Imago shows have been hosted and co-produced by the most important national and international festivals. In 2009, the company won the Ubu Special Award, the ANCT Critics Award and the DE.MO./Movin’UP Award. In the same year Claudia Sorace won the Cavalierato Giovanile Award of the Provincia di Roma and the Valeria Moriconi International Award as "Future of the scene"; in 2011, the company won the prize for best direction and best show at the XXIX Fadjr Festival in Tehran, and in 2019 it curated the direction and artistic coordination of the Rome Film Festival, together with Francesca Macrì and Fabrizio Arcuri.
Roberto Fassone
(the following text is to be read while listening to Happy Trails by the Quicksilver Messenger Service).

Roberto Fassone (1986) lives and works between Florence and Pol Sesanne. His research focuses on creative structures, on the relationship between play and performance, on the difference between history and anecdote, on spontaneous gestures and on how to move surrealism over time. To date, Thursday 14 May 2020, his favorite artist is Paola Pivi. In recent years Fassone has exhibited and performed his work in Italian and international institutions, including: Naturhistorisches Museum, Bern; Quadriennale di Roma; Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo; MAMbo, Bologna; Fanta-MLN, Milano; OGR, Torino; MOCAK, Krakow; Centrale Fies, Dro; Carroll / Fletcher, Londra; AOYS (online), Zkm, Karlsruhe; Mart, Rovereto; Palazzetto dello Sport, Asti; Castello di Rivoli, Torino; Lo schermo dell'arte, Firenze; Civitella Ranieri Foundation; Museo La Ene, Buenos Aires.