Silvia Rampelli, choreographer
Lorenzo Bazzocchi, director

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Silvia Rampelli in conversation with Lorenzo Bazzocchi

Order and disorder, organization and entropy in the motion of attention, in the dynamics of space.
Silvia Rampelli, choreographer
In reverse order—space intended as a field. The field intended as a place of force lines.
Thus all these lines of force, that is, the field itself, do not tell us anything else about how a body would behave when immersed in the field, but suppose its becoming. In other words, the dynamic, that we know to be reducible neither to power nor to act. This clearly suffers from the movement that has always been aimed at achieving, but is never accomplished. It could be said that it belongs not to the living but to the simulacrum, the only percept able to move between chaos and crystal, to subsume light and darkness. In its reign governed by the principle of the minimum action, at his will, movement administers both the multitude and, at the same time, the breakdown.
Lorenzo Bazzocchi, director


Silvia Rampelli has a degree in Philosophy and is a teacher of the Master in Artiterapie at the University of Rome Sapienza; he reflection focuses on the nature of the act. Active in the performance scene and in the theoretical and educational field, she has been produced by La Biennale di Venezia and invited to major festivals. She currently runs workshops for Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe, Scuola Cònia – Corso di Tecnica della Rappresentazione, Istituto di Ricerca di Arte Applicata Societas, Da.Re. Dance Research and develops projects for fragile users. She received the UBU 2018 award for the best dance show.
Engineer by training, Lorenzo Bazzocchi is the director and founding actor of the Romagna company Masque teatro, born in Forlì in 1992 and has directed and organized the Crisalide festival since 1994. The company's theater is expressed in the complex dialogue between the philosophical discourse, the creation of prodigious scenic architectures and the fundamental role of the Figure. Their creations have been hosted in some of the most important theaters and festivals in Italy and abroad and have received several awards, including in 2000 the special Ubu Jury Prize for the Prototipo project. In 2014, together with the philosophers Carlo Sini and Rocco Ronchi he created Praxis – Scuola di Filosofia.